As a blog, we believe in creating a space where we can both inform and connect those interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, in addition to helping support startups as they begin the process of growing, and expanding their business in and around the Bangor region and state.

Often, startups and entrepreneurs face a lot of unknowns and it’s scary! Starting and running your own business is a big deal, and there are many moving parts. Who do you talk to for financials? Who’s the person, or people, to talk to when you need help preparing for a pitch? What about the legal side of things? Hiring? The list goes on!

We want this blog to be seen and read as a resource for information, a visualization of the supportive ecosystem already in place here in Bangor, and a source of a few good laughs along the way. We’re here to help spread a culture of connection, and cultivate creativity in the Bangor region and throughout Maine.

This blog will work as a way to document and capture the ongoing conversation surrounding startup culture and entrepreneurship here in Maine. This blog isn’t a thing, or a place, but a resource where we hope you’ll learn, laugh, and connect with those passionate about supporting and growing innovative ideas.

Some of the topics you can expect include: tips and tricks from already-established entrepreneurs; advice from local business leaders; profiles of rising-entrepreneurs and companies; and much, much more!

Finally, this space is in part an extension of the University Maine and the Foster Center for Student Innovation’s desire to help students and community members develop a mindset and skill set for entrepreneurship and creating new ideas. As the writers of this blog, the Innovation Center’s staff hopes to help inform, and help, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bangor, and beyond.

We hope you’ll join with us as we embark on this journey.

Welcome to Startup Bangor’s blog!