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CourseStorm makes it “impossibly simple” to register online for local classes

CourseStorm, an Orono-based company, has a clever and useful value proposition: to connect class providers (adult ed, museums, hospitals, camps, etc.) with people taking classes. Think of CourseStorm as the “Airbnb of local education.” People around the globe use Airbnb to explore an inventory of unique, local accommodations anywhere. Once you create an account, you can […]

Your business isn’t what you thought it would be. Now what?

Like within most industries, within the field of entrepreneurship, there’s a distinct “language.” Words that mean one thing to people like you and me sometimes mean something different to entrepreneurs; it’s a cultural thing. One example is the word “pivot.” To an entrepreneur launching a startup company, a “pivot” is when you change the direction of your company because you’ve learned something new. For example, maybe […]

You have a business idea. Will people PAY you for it?

Let’s say you have an idea for a new business. Your idea is soooooo GREAT, you’re going to make millions! You pour your heart, soul, time, and savings into your idea. You hire a manufacturer and have 10,000 copies of your widget made. Or you invest thousand of dollars developing a new software program because you KNOW customers will […]

5 reasons why mentorship matters, and how you can help

Scratchpad Accelerator Participants

Entrepreneurs have an incredible amount of passion. They’re inventors, researchers, programmers, scientists, and your “average joe” like you or me. What unites them is an intense desire to share their idea with the world. But just because they have an incredible idea, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily incredible at building a business. (And even if they have, every new business faces […]

The Scratchpad Accelerator is here! (The what? Is where?)

It started with a question that started like this: “What if we built a…” along with some head nods. Next, a team was assembled, and it tucked itself away in a warm, humid UMaine classroom for the summer. The team strategized, talked to lots of people, and wrote up plans. Momentum grew, and excitement spread. More players got on board. Funding was approved. And just like that, […]